03 Jul

TILGATE PARK FISHERIES RULES 2022-2023 A valid Environmental Agency rod licences(s) are required to fish our waters.

Unhooking matts and suitable landing nets are mandatory when fishing for carp and pike. 

Only barbless treble hooks or micro-barb single hooks to be used when fishing for perch or pike.

 Minimum breaking strain of line of 15lb when fishing for pike (wire trace mandatory) It is forbidden to remove any fish of any size or species from our fishery. 

Do not introduce any fish of any species to our fishery.

A limit of two rods only to be used between April and October. However, three rods may be used from November to march f you hold the appropriate rod licences.

 No unauthorised pruning or trimming o bankside trees and foliage.

 No drug use or alcohol abuse

 Rods must be always attended unless removed and made safe by removing bait. 

Barbless or micro-barb hooks are permitted for carp or general course fishing. 

Anglers may periodically be required to retrieve their baited rigs for rig checks by appointed   bailiffs

 Disabled anglers have priority to use the large wooden platform on the east bank of Campbell’s Lake.

 Long-stay anglers must ensure their toilet habits are carried out in a considerate and respectful manner. (Do not leave toilet paper or excrement around the lakes.)

 Anglers must not allow their fishing tackle to impede the pathways or walkways around the lakes.

 The use of thigh wader’s or chest waders are permitted. But only when used in a safe and responsible manner. 

All litter must be removed from your chosen swim prior to setting up and before leaving our fishery.

 Strictly no fishing in the roped off conservation area, which includes baiting up or pre-baiting in this area. This includes no fishing in the borrow pit. 

Fishing may be temporarily halted during the spawning season to minimise risks to the lakes stock. (Please consult or Facebook or website pages during these months.)

 Torches and lighting devices should be used considerately during the night. 

The boat house swims cannot be used between 11am and 5pm when the boats are open for business. 

As a team we have considered these rules carefully and given considered to the safety of our fish and other park users. If you decide to join our fishery you are accepting that you will abide by these rules with no exceptions.