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We are a non-profit fishing club made up of fishermen and women who grew up and old fishing at Tilgate Park. We have seen many changes over the years and maybe not all for the better and so a small group friends and family got together to change things.

We have worked hard to improve the lakes initially focusing on Campbells Lake, removing old and dangerous platform remains from the waters edge. Building practical and lasting fishing platforms and stocking the water with a good head of carp. Bream, perch, and roach already present but have grown so much over the years and have benefited from our winter feed programs.

We are all about the fishing and the catch and feel that we can make changes big or small that can improve the fishing for all. We aim to provide a one stop place to fish. If you are after the bigger fish, then go to Campbell's lake, take a chance and hope to catch good one. It is renowned to be a difficult water  but the rewards are worth it .However a brilliant coarse day can easily be had on a sunny day, Go to silt to enjoy a great day’s fishing and catching regularly. Away from the public, crowds, and the regulars walking, running and cycling around Campbells lake.

We have worked with the council to get the bank side erosion addressed., Although we do not always agree on the approach, we both have the best interests of the lakes in the forefront of our minds, ensuring the future preservation of these beautiful waters. Our volunteers work tirelessly to ensure we provide a great place to fish and continue their good work across both lakes. Removing snags, over hanging branches and gavel top ups etc. Very satisfying but hard work.

We are supported by the environment agency, and we are working around silt lake to address the bank side erosion, fallen trees and general debris. It is a difficult task working with just volunteers. However, we are pushing through the work on stage one, after a long delay with covid restrictions and hope to be looking for funding for stage two soon. We hope to get even further sponsorship to enable us to employ contractors, but we will have to wait and see what the future brings.