17 May

Tilgate Park Fisheries chaperone policy 

Hi all As we are seeing more junior members this year, this is Just a reminder and clarification  for our junior members and their parents and or guardians. Juniors are allowed to fish at the park with membership strictly on a daytime basis only.

Children under 16 should be always accompanied by an adult, however we do understand that some children can be more responsible than others, and if you as the parent or guardian,  deem your child to be responsible enough to fish on their own safely, then this will be at  the parent or guardian’s own risk as they are responsible for their child’s care and safety. 

Children under 12 years old will be sent home.

 Night fishing is not allowed on a junior day ticket. They may only night fish with a parent or guardian or a responsible adult over the age of 18, approved by the junior’s parent or guardian. If the chaperone is not a member, they cannot fish but can stay with the junior overnight.  As the chaperone, parent, or guardian, they will be taking full responsibility for your child’s safety and behaviour on the bank. We have agreed a ratio of two juniors to an agreed chaperone. 

It is important that our juniors’ parent or guardian understand that we operate out of a public Park and as such we will not take responsibility for your children’s safety while they are fishing there. There is not 24-hour attendance at the park and therefore no one to watch over your children. We hope this provides clarity and will help you make the best decisions for your child. Kind regards 

The TPF Team and committee