Members Just a reminder that you can RENEW your membership via our web page. We will hold current members places until 1st May 2024. If you do not wish to join again this year please let us know as we have an extensive waiting list. Those of you that are on our waiting list for membership , we will be looking at your requests at the end of march. Kind regards The TPF Team 

MEMBERSHIP 2024 DUE 1/4/2024

 Swim work has been in progress over the last couple weeks . Our volunteer team are working hard to ensure the lakes are prepared for the new season of fishing. just a couple of pictures to show the kind of work they have been doing. great work team 

 Good morning We find it necessary today to remind some of our members of the importance of reading and following the lake rules. This is important for the safety and enjoyment of all lake users and anglers. We have a zero tolerance policy at the lakes so ensure your actions are not infringing any of our rules as you risk your membership by doing so. We find that the majority of our anglers fish without any rule breaking and just enjoy their days out. However if you are not please adjust you behaviour for the benefit of us all 

 Hi all On Sunday 7th April we received 287lb of new tench into Campbells lake. Another massive boost to our re-stocking program to return Tilgate fishing lakes back to the great catching waters of yester year. the weight amounts to around 90 fish to add to the the tench re-stock on both Campbells and silt last year. We are very proud as a team of how much progress we have made and how well the stocks are growing. Our carp stocking program has seen every success producing some beautiful looking doubles in both Campbells and Silt. Our silver stocks are continuing to thrive even though it is a constant battle with our natural predators picking them off . We will continue to invest in our fish stocks and hope that they will carry on doing well and that we will continue to come closer all to remaking this fantastic venue .